Inclusive social protection for chronic health problems


  • J. Jacobi, A. Llanque, S. Bieri, E. Birachi, R. Cochard, N. Depetris Chauvin, C. Diebold, R. Eschen, E. Frossard, T. Guillaume, S. Jaquet, F. Kämpfen, M. Kenis, D.I. Kiba, H. Komarudin, J. Madrazo, G. Manoli, S.M. Mukhovi, V.T.H. Nguyen, C. Pomalègni, S. Rüegger, F. Schneider, N. TriDung, P. von Groote, M.S. Winkler, J.G. Zaehringer, C Robledo-Abad (2019). Utilization of research knowledge in sustainable development pathways: Insights from a transdisciplinary research-for-development programme. Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 103, Pages 21-29. ISSN 1462-9011.



Non-Peer -Reviewed Publications and Others

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