Workshop on Aging, Health, Disability and Well being

The aim of this SSPH+ workshop was to bring together researchers from different fields working in the area of aging, health, disability and well-being. The workshop took stock of ongoing research on aging, health, disability and well-being in Switzerland and provides opportunities for interaction with leading international experts and policy makers in the field on how to move the corresponding research agenda forward and how to make it most relevant for practitioners.

It was linked to the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health where Ritu Sadana, the Senior Health Advisor of the WHO Department of Ageing and Life Course, was present at this workshop as well. While the focus of the workshop was on social and behavioral science research, researchers from other fields related to aging, health, disability and well-being such as biology, engineering or medicine are also welcome to attend and contribute to the workshop.

The workshop provided opportunities for exchange regarding ongoing research in aging, health, disability and well-being, including an exchange between senior and junior researchers and PhD students, networking among like-minded researchers, as well as an exchange of ideas and the development of future collaborative public health research projects, proposals and papers in this research field.The workshop was open to everyone and was free of charge.

The images below shows Lisa Berkman from the Harvard School of Public Health and Daniel Cotlear from the World Bank presenting their work at the workshop. 

The workshop programme can be found here and the financial support for this workshop came from the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) and the r4d project on “Inclusive social protection for chronic health problems”. 

Lisa Berkman presenting her work
Daniel Cotlear sharing his work

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