Hypertension higher among educated, urban residents: Study

A research study conducted by our partners, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, and others, on hypertension among the aged populations in India was featured in “The Hindu”, a leading newspaper in India. This study produced the first estimates of hypertension Awareness,Treatment and Control (ATC) using nationally representative data on older people spread throughout the whole of India.

The study findings reflected that,

  • Hypertension prevalence is high in India, particularly in the older population. In this critical population group, low rates of ATC point to deficiencies in diagnosis and management of the condition and in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).
  • Effectively addressing these deficiencies requires subtle targeting of interventions that balances attention to prevalence, which is higher in the high-income states and socioeconomically advantaged groups, with attention to gaps in ATC, which are greater in the low- or middle-income states and disadvantaged groups.

The socioeconomic and geographic inequalities in ATC  described in the study can be used to motivate policy action on hypertension management, target interventions, and monitor their effects.

The study was first published in ‘PLOS Medicine’ on August 24, 2021. 

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