The Lausanne Center for Health Economics, Behavior, and Policy (LCHE)

The opening event of the Lausanne Center for Health Economics, Behaviour, and Policy (LCHE) was held at the AGORA center of the Lausane University Hospital on the 26th of October, 2022. LCHE is a joint initiative between the Center for Primary Care and Public Health (Unisanté), the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (CHUV-FBM), and the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), bringing together researchers from different research areas such as economics, public health, epidemiology, social and behavioural sciences and medicine. The Center aims at promoting research, teaching, and policy advice in the fields of health economics, behaviours, and policy. More information about the Center can be found here.

Keynote speakers at the event included Marcella Alsan (Harvard Kennedy School), Amitabh Chandra (Harvard Business School), Ichiro Kawachi (Harvard Chan School of Public Health) and Kosali Simon (Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs). Various policy makers and stakeholders were also in the audience, including Francesca Colombo, Director Health OECD, and Virginie Spicher, Director Office of Public Health Canton of Vaud, both of whom also participated in the policy panel session that discussed the role of research and scientific evidence to inform policy.

The r4d project was well represented at the event with many r4d collaborators participating in person. Prof. Juergen Maurer, representing the leadership team of the Center, made presentations on the healthcare challenges in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, and used the opportunity to promote the r4d project.

We wish great success to LCHE in the years ahead!

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