Improving coverage for chronic conditions in aging populations

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A three day research conference was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in February 2018.Representatives from all countries in the R4D project were present and it was a knowledge and progress sharing event. The event also engaged with key health care professionals in Sri Lanka, including representatives from the Ministry of Health. The opening address was given by Dr. Anil Jasinghe, the Director – General Health Services, in Sri Lanka.

The first day comprised of a a full research conference which was geared for a a variety of researchers to present their work. The first half of the day was geared towards sharing findings and insights from the R4D project sites in relation to the Challenge of NCDs in developing country’s health systems, where there was information from a regional and local perspective.

The later part of the day comprised of parallel sessions that discussed the following topics by a wide variety of  health professionals and researchers from Sri Lanka and beyond.

  • Improving the Sri Lanka Health Response to NCDs
  • Perspectives of the Way Forward for Sri Lanka’s Health System 
  • Optimizing CVD Screening and Treatment Protocols 
  • Design and Potential Adult Health Surveys – Local and international Experiences

    The Switzerland Ambassador for Sri Lanka, also attended the conference

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